Computex 2013 is well under way in Taipei. Day three of the event continued to show off all the latest tech advances. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

Computex 2013

The Razer Blade 14 – We recently covered the story of the new Razer Blade 14, the thinnest gaming laptop at only 0.66-in. At Computex 2013 Razer were keen to show the attendees just how good it is. The laptop is striking with its all black aluminium chassis with green accents on the lid, keyboard and USB ports. But what makes it really stand out is the spech under the casing. Check out our article for more details.

Intel’s Thunderbot 2 – Intel’s new wired technology doubles band width from 10Gbps to 20Gbps. But what is really noteworthy is its ability to complete tasks simultaneously. For example, you can send a 4k video to a wireless monitor and at the same time download another 4k video to a storage drive, all via the same Thunderbolt 2 pipe.

GeChic Portable Touch Monitor for Tablets – GeChic has unveiled a new 15021 on-lap touch monitor, which allows you to connect a mobile device or laptop to the 1080p touch screen display. This is very handy if you want a touch screen bigger than 10-inches, or a portable second screen for your laptop.

Intel’s Atom “Bay Trail” – Tablets are about to get a lot faster and more powerful, thanks to the new processors from Intel for both Windows and Android. Their new Atom “Bay Trail” will improve speed and power using quad-core 22-nanometer processors and support for DirectX 11 graphics.

It seems that Microsoft are keen to win users back, as they gave Computex attendees a sneak preview of some of the improvements users can expect from Windows 8.1. Antoine LeBlonde of Microsoft demonstrated these improvements, which include, better multitasking, an improved search and updated pre-loaded apps.

Stay tuned for more highlights as we head into the last few days of Computex 2013.

[Image via Wiredmash]