Dell has established an innovation center that is designed to facilitate data storage and analysis. This center is geared to enhance its modular, open platforms for customers. There are other companies that are into this business as well, but Dell is a well known company that has now stepped into the data mining arena.

Dell Sets Up Data Development Center in Austin

Data Storage and Mining

The future is expected to be entirely focused on data handling. At this point, people have so much data that they do not know what to do with it. They know their data is of immense value, but they don’t know how to actually gain from it. This is because they do not know how to manage it and storage is limited.

Based on these areas in which there is immense room for improvement, some companies are beginning to think about how they can store and analyze data effectively. Dell is currently aiming to do just this, as it has set up an Evergreen Innovation Center in Austin to develop what the company calls “hyperscale data center solutions.”

Data Processing Demand

While Dell is facing its own set of worries, it is built as a data center for the express purpose of analysis and not just storage. It’s expected that with the passage of time, there will be more companies wanting to head towards this industry.

With the future focused on data, it can be said that this data can be readied for better use if it’s analyzed. Properly analyzed data can mean shortcuts pointed out that could help companies as well as individuals. For example, analyzed data that highlights customer demands in a store will lead service members to prepare the most frequented areas of that store.

Along with Dell delving into the depths of data mining, eBay Inc. is going to be in it too. With tons of their own data already on hand to process, they might have enough on their hands. However, they will be able to process tons of data in a large setup and many specialists with them. By Dell helping eBay to ameliorate its data center efficiency, it will learn from the experience and gain new ideas that it can implement in its own station in Austin.

Strength of Data Processing Center

Currently, the scale of the data work that will be carried out remains quite a secret. This is because the number of employees on board already is not being revealed. Most people are making guesses based on the size of the data center, which is not a fair way to assess any processing center.

What people already do know is that Dell stands at number 3 on the list of computer makers and it employs 14,000 workers in Central Texas. Its growth rate also matters a great deal with its server business growing at 14.4 percent while the company coped with declining sales of computers.

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