Are you afraid you might miss an important call or message but you just hate having to keep your smartphone near you all the time? This wearable tech fashion item may be the very thing you need.

The EMBRACE+ wristband provides visual notifications whenever something important is going on on your smartphone. It connects to the device wirelessly and works perfectly even if your phone is still in your bag and not necessarily in your immediate vicinity.

But what distinguishes EMBRACE+ from other wearable electronics used in conjunction with your smartphone is that its notifications are color-coded. This means that based on what color the wristband turns, the user will know what alert they have received and if it requires their immediate attention.

EMBRACE+ Displays Color Coded Phone Alerts

The wristband can be programmed to link its color to different phone actions, such as text messages, incoming calls, emails, notifications from social networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and LlinkedIn, as well as Skype calls and low battery levels.

A fully charged battery can last up to ten days, on an average 100 alerts per day. The battery connects to a laptop via micro-USB cable and it charges very fast, in just ten minutes.

The EMBRACE+ wristband is also waterproof, which means you can get your notifications even when you’re in the shower. And the gadget has a security feature that will notify the user if they are too far from the smartphone, which is very useful if you have the tendency to leave your phone behind or if it gets stolen.

EMBRACE+ Displays Color Coded Phone Alerts

The wristband is currently compatible with Android and iOS devices. It connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth 2.1 or 4.0. Developers are planning to launch two alternate designs for the wristband and also equip it with timer, alarm and the ability to tell the time.

After an initial crowdfunding campaign in March failed, developers returned with more realistic goals and managed to raise almost $265,000 on Kickstarter. This was more than three times their campaign’s goal of $80,000. The standard EMBRACE+ version costs $49 and manufacturers plan to start shipping as early as next month.

[Image via Gizmag]