Are you a fan of Google Glass and Nest thermostats? Then you will definitely want to try this fun application called Glass Nest, which combines the two and allows users to remotely control the Nest using voice commands.

The unofficial app was developed by an Atlanta developer named James Rundquist. After getting the Google Glass last month, he got the idea of developing a special application pairing the device with his apartment’s smart thermostat.

Glass Nest: Control Your Thermostat With Voice Commands

Glass Nest users will be able to control the Nest thermostat by voice commands, even remotely.

Rundquist’s code is open sourced and is up on Github, which means that anyone can help improve the app or contribute to the project in whatever way they can. The app is only available to a select number of Nest users, but the developer is hoping to open registration to anyone who owns both Google Glass and Nest.

The Glass Nest is quite an elegant application that allows you to control your smart thermostat with your voice. The device can be programmed to listen to a variety of voice commands, but so far performs only three functions: setting away mode, exiting away mode and changing temperature.

More specifically, the application will allow Google Glass owners to notify the Nest that they’re coming or leaving home simply by uttering the words. The Nest will then automatically change the house climate accordingly. Users can also fine-tune their home’s temperature, using the same method.

Those interested in giving the app a try can log in the Glass Nest website using their Google login data. After that, they have to enter their Nest credentials, which automatically sends a card to their Glass timeline. The card can be pinned to the timeline. Users can easily send their commands using the “reply” option on the card.

The app is yet dedicated to a small niche, as you have to own both Google Glass and Nest to be able to test it. But Rundquist is hoping that the niche will expand, given that he only received positive feedback so far.

What do you think of the Glass Nest? Would you like to control your thermostat with voice commands?

[Image via Mashable]