Following Apple’s mercurial creator and leader Steve Jobs was never going to be an easy task. Early indications suggested Tim Cook was going to be a steady, if not visionary hand to guide the Apple ship. But after a string of underwhelming product launches and very public product glitches (Apple Maps being the most obvious example) even dedicated Apple fans are starting to wonder whether Apple’s best days are now behind them.

Sure Apple is still raking in huge sales for the iPhone, iPad and iPod with profit margins most companies can only dream of (38.6% on sales of $55 billion). But these products were born of Job’s era, not under the current leadership. Add to this the rate at which the competition is catching up, and in some cases (Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs iPhone) overtaking Apple flagship products – You have to wonder whether Tim Cook and the rest of Apple’s current leaders have the ability to deliver the next big breakthrough product that Job’s did so consistently. Investor confidence is already wavering with Apple Stock prices plummeting 37% since it’s peak in September 2012.

So what do you think – has the Apple started to rot? Or will Apple deliver the next big breakthrough product?

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And while we’re on the subject, we thought we’d highlight some of the concepts Apple fans are speculating about below:

Has Apple Peaked? [Reader's Poll]

Most think it’s a case of when not if Apple releases a smartwatch

Has Apple Peaked? [Reader's Poll]

We’re not even sure what this is supposed to do?

Has Apple Peaked? [Reader's Poll]

Not a massive departure from what they are already doing – but probably a good way to take Samsung on head on

Has Apple Peaked? [Reader's Poll]

Probably the least likely option

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