I’m pretty sure we’ve all had our share of time-wasting Tetris madness back in the day. So you’ll probably be glad to find out that the man who brought us the Tetris blocks is now looking into marbles.

Marbly is Alexey Pajitnov’s first game designed exclusively for mobile devices and is already available for iOS systems.

The game puts a new spin on the usual match-three marble games, in that you won’t get the usual clustered grid of marbles and have to shoot color-matching marbles or leap over them to remove them. Instead, you will have to move marbles around the board horizontally, vertically or diagonally, until you can match at least three of a kind.


Marbly also offers players all sorts of timed challenges and puzzle modes, including one with limited moves and a score-attack mode. The game has over 180 puzzles and offers support via Game Center.

Players will get various coins and rewards for completing the puzzles and will be able to unlock more puzzles by spending those rewards. As any free download, the game includes in-app purchase options, which will give players hints, undos, restarts and even puzzle solutions for real cash.

 Marbly: First Mobile Game from Tetris Creator

Pajitnov’s latest creation is published by WildSnake Software and is available for free download in the Apple Store, being compatible with both iPhones and iPads. At this point it is yet unknown whether Marbly will also be available for Android devices.

The game is believed to actually be the first in a series of mobile games developed by WildSnake and Pajitnov together. The Tetris creator and the game publisher have been working on games designs for a while, so we are definitely interested in what they will come up with next.

Since designing Tetris back in the 1980s, Pajitnov has been working on various other titles, the most notorious being Hexic, a puzzler pre-loaded on all new Xbox 360 consoles.  Launched in 1984, Tetris gained worldwide fame very quickly, especially through its association with the Game Boy console from Nintendo.

[Images via Gamenguide & levelselect]