Whether you have to pay for it or not, you can still use your Windows Media Center with My Channel Logos XL. If you use the regular Windows 8 (and not the professional edition), like most people, you will need to get it as part of Microsoft’s Pro Pack. You’ll need to pay around a $100 for it.

If you have (Windows Pro 8), you will still need to pay an extra $ 9.99 for this. Either way, whether you have Windows 8 Pro or Windows 7, you can enjoy your Windows Media Center with My Channel Logos XL.

My Channel Logos XL enhances Windows Media Center TV

Many users who love the Windows Media Center (WMC) refuse to give up on using Windows 7 because it comprises of the Media Center. You can run Windows 7 on a tuner-equipped media-center PC, and enjoy yourself through this software. It’s amazingly customizable, which is just what users want, and this is why it partners well with My Channel Logos XL.

Add-ons Work Great with Windows Media Center XL

WMC is simply great with add-ons, and My Channel Logos XL is simply best add-ons for it. You can enjoy the program guide within Windows Media Center, and while that may not sound like much, it enhances the look of the guide. At the same time, it allows you to spot your favorite channels at a glance. This is of great advantage if you are one of those people who only have enough time to glance at things.

My Channel Logos XL enhances Windows Media Center TV

Enjoy the Updates with Windows Media Center XL

The new XL edition of My Channel Logos gives you helpful updates, and this includes the option of expanding the logos by 25% wider. The visual quality has also been enhanced significantly, and the white space that is normally wasted is also reduced.

Then, you have the new guide-sizing features, which mean nothing but a huge advantage to any user. Just with one click, you can switch the view up to a three-hour view, which means that you can view what’s available for the next three hours.

Physical Attributes of Windows Media Center XL

My Channel Logos XL also allows you to add more rows to the guide. You can have anywhere from seven to twelve rows now. The best thing about this version is that you can achieve this feature without needing to change the font size.MCL accomplishes this without changing the font size. The otherwise extra empty space is now utilized to make this possible.

Just reading about this is not going to convince you or excite you. You must try it out, and then you will realize why people are excited about it. Even though you will need to pay for this add-on, you will see that it’s well worth the price.

In order to add-on My Channel Logos XL, you’ll have to donate anywhere between $5 and $10 through PayPal. For anyone who is a hardcore Windows Media Center user, this proves to be a fair price.

[Images via pcworld & experts.windows]