In a press event yesterday, the popular photo sharing app Instagram, announced the release of their new feature “Video on Instagram”.

It’s not a huge surprise after all the recent speculation as to what the event was about.

Kevin Systrom, CEO of Instagram, said in his speech that “the world is better captured and shared”. With the new video feature, the 130 million users will now have access to video in the same way they have had to photos.

video on instagram

Users will be able to capture 15-second videos that they can then share. There will be the possibility to edit the videos and apply one of the 13 new filters. The filters have been designed by an artist specialising in this field and it is all designed to make the videos look beautiful; as though a professional has captured them.

Instagram want this to be accessible for everyone and so will work on iOS and Android, as well as being available through the net. Systrom said it is “everything we know and love about Instagram but it moves.”

In designing this new feature, Instagram have taken it a step further with new ground-breaking technology. In addition to the new filters, they have also worked with leading scientists to erradicate the usual shaky, wobbly picture that has become a trademark of home video. Instagram call it simply, “Cinema”. This cinematic stabilisation feature enables the user to capture an action shot – someone running or riding a bike – without the shaky effect that usually happens when you are on the move.

According to Systrom, “You now have the power of the cinema in your pocket.”

This is the biggest change to Instagram since it was first launched. Systrom has always said that video could be in the future for Instagram but admitted that is harder with video to achieve their focus of speed, simplicity and beauty.

So now that it is possible to share videos as well as photos, we all have the opportunity to “Capture and share the world’s moments.”

[Image via knowyourmeme]