U.S. fitness product manufacturer Polar has launched a new activity tracking device called Stride Sensor Bluetooth Smart. Unlike many other fitness products, the device works indoors because it does not require a GPS signal.

Similar to TomTom’s Runner Watch, the Polar Stride Sensor was designed especially for runners and it can keep track of all sorts of activity data, including speed, distance, running cadence and length of stride.

Polar Stride Sensor: New GPS-Free Activity Tracker

The collected data can be then streamed to any iOS device such as iPod touch, iPad, iPhone 4S or iPhone5 via Bluetooth Smart connectivity. The user will thus be able to see their stats on their smartphone or tablet and easily assess their workout routine.

The Stride Sensor is also compatible with Polar’s iOS application Polar Beat. This application allows users to get real-time data about their running performance, which can let them know if they need to run harder or faster or slow down. For longer races, the app also offers an estimated finish time.

Through the same Polar Stride Sensor Bluetooth Smart device, users can create their own training programs and interact and share their results with other runners on the special training site set up by Polar.

The device can be clipped on the runner’s shoe and is also shock and water resistant. But its most unique feature that sets it apart from other fitness trackers available on the market is the fact that it does not require a GPS signal and therefore can work indoors.

This specification makes the Polar Stride Sensor an ideal choice to use in urban and remote areas where it is hard to maintain a strong data signal. It can also be used on a treadmill and will still be able to keep track of the distance crossed, even if the runner is not actually moving in space. Due to this feature, the device also sports reduced power requirements.

Polar Stride Sensor is available for purchase on the Polar website and in specialty stores for $79.95.

[Image via Gizmag]