Although official pricing details have not yet been revealed for either of this year’s next-generation consoles, early retail listings for pre-orders suggest may give us an idea about what to expect when Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 are out.

According to gaming website IGN, it is common for retailers to announce some prices in order to be able to take pre-orders. However, the timing is interesting, given that in less than two weeks at E3, both Microsoft and Sony are expected to reveal more details about their consoles, possibly including official price points.

Retail Pricing for Xbox One, PS4 Pre-Order Revealed

We can only hope that what the companies will announce won’t be anything near the retail pricing for Xbox One and PS4 put up by Amazon for instance. But if they are and if you really, really want to buy one of the new consoles, we suggest you start saving right now.

Amazon UK lists about $912 for PS4 and Xbox One, while Amazon Germany lists $781. The latter had previously put a price of about $1,300 per console. Zavi lists a retail price of about $607 for the consoles. Amazon states that if the price drops between the moment when you place the order and the release date, clients will be charged the lowest price.

We should keep in mind that previous rumors suggested the Xbox One may carry two price points – $499 and $299 for a subsidized model which however would come with a $15 fee per month. Analysts expect the Xbox One to cost less than Xbox 360 did at launch. The same is expected of PlayStation 4.

$1 billion for Xbox One games

Finding the most competitive price is crucial for Xbox One’s success, especially that most of the gaming community was disappointed with the reveal event for the new console on May 21. Many gamers felt the event was all about showcasing the platform’s entertainment capabilities without focusing enough on gaming elements and new titles.

Microsoft quickly moved to allay concerns, announcing that it would invest at least $1 billion into next-generation games. The company also insisted that core games are always important and offered reassurances that it is committed to offering Xbox gamers the best titles. Microsoft has so far confirmed 15 exclusive games for Xbox One in the first 12 months after launch.

What do you think of the retail price listings for the next-generation consoles? How much would you be willing to spend? Let us know in the comments below.

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