The Danish company Create It Real, has designed a software package that can prevent people from printing  3D guns. It recognises digital gun part models and then prevents them from being printed. The software is able to compare each piece the user is trying to print with a database of possible firearm parts. Of course the company state that “for safety reasons, there are no models of firearms stored on the user’s computer but rather a list of characteristics.”

Small Danish Company Create Software To Prevent The Printing Of 3D Guns

If the program detects that the user is trying to print a gun, the modelling software is shut down. The idea is that the 3D printer manufacturer can reduce their liability of people making such attempts.

So far the company has been able to input the data for the Liberator 3D printed handgun, which was created by Defense Distributed, as well as the lower receiver part from Defense Distributed. However CEO of Create It Real, Jeremie Pierre Gay, says that they are ready to add more parts to the databse.

“We’ve made a test to make sure it will scale up to a much bigger database of parts,” said Gay. “It should be quite fast to actually check the model against the database.”

Gay is hoping that by allowing clients to add warnings to the 3D printing process, the printer maker will not be held responsible should someone manage to print a firearm and commit a crime.

“We are in the business of selling technology to quickly launch a desktop 3D printer,” said Gay. “If a buyer wants to print a gun, we want to be sure the 3D printer makers are not the ones responsible for it.”

Create It Real are working along with other partners so that this software can be brought to  the market.

Could this be a solution to the controversial issue of 3D guns? What are your thoughts?

[Image via 3dfuture]