How often have you found yourself wanting the latest iPhone only to have to wait because it’s “not time” to replace your current device? If you’re one of the lucky ones, you can always afford to ditch your current iPhone for the latest model. There are ways to get rid of used iPhones (and other devices) for money, of course, but wouldn’t it be easier if Apple just took your old model and gave you a new one? With price adjustments, of course.

trade-in your Apple device

That’s exactly what might be in store for us in the near future, and I’m excited about it! We already know just how popular Apple’s refurbished items are. I, myself, have bought a refurbished MacBook (the white one) from the Apple Store, and it worked just as good as new! So yes, if you can trade-in your Apple device, why not? Someone will benefit from it down the line as well.

According to people in the know, Apple is considering allowing you to trade-in your Apple device – iPhones specifically. The trade-in program is due to start this month, with the goal of enticing users to upgrade their iPhones to the iPhone 5. (Not that some people need that motivation!)

While there has been no official word from Apple, this move does make sense. As critics have continuously pointed out, iPhone sales have gone down, Apple’s stock has gone down – to hear them, it would seem that the company is headed for disaster! Whether or not they are correct, even the average consumer knows just how attractive trade-in deals are. You turn in your old phone and get a new phone, either for free or at a considerable discount. It’s a win-win situation! Also, phone carriers have already been carrying such programs. It’s time Apple did it themselves.

Furthermore, Apple gets to win even more, as they can sell refurbished iPhones. If they focus on markets other than the US, they will certainly get even more people to purchase iPhones, which may be too expensive otherwise.

So, if you’re looking at upgrading your iPhone 4 or 4S, I suggest waiting some weeks.

[Image via Bandwidth Blog]