Wouldn’t our life be so much cooler if we could just around printing our name and motivational quotes on everything around us, from food items to rocks and gadgets? Well, probably not, but if you’re into this sort of thing, take a look at the Tag on That machine.

Dubbed the world’s first affordable specialty printer, this portable machine can literally print on almost anything, as long as the item in question fits inside.

Tag on That Lets You Print on Anything

And that is actually the only limitation this machine knows. Its printing technology, as yet patent pending, allows users to freely express their label-making creativity by designing their own models and printing them on virtually any surface.

With Tag on That you will be able to print a photo, your name, a logo or a handwritten message on items made of wood, rubber, glass, plastic, leather, paper, whether they are smooth or rough. You will also be able to print on curved surfaces and food items, with a special Food and Drug Administration approved ink.

How it works

You can download a template of the image you want to print from the Tag on That website or you can create your own with a template machine sold separately. After that, you need to fill a capsule with the ink you want to use and load it into the printer.

The ink will be transferred onto the template by sliding the capsule across the template repeatedly. You will then have to pull down the arm of the printer, which will transfer the ink onto the machine’s soft rubber stamp. Then raise the arm of the machine, replace the template with the item you want to print on, lower the rubber stamp and voila!

food printing

But if walking around the house and obsessively labeling things is not really your cup of tea, you can use Tag on That to personalize any gifts with a nice, heartfelt message. The machine would also be very useful to help create your brand, as it would allow you to print your logo on all sorts of items and promotional objects for your business.

Tag on That developers are planning to make the machine really affordable, so they took their project to Kickstarter, with a $75,000 goal. For a pledge of $299, you will get the basic package consisting of one printer, one ink color and one template, while $599 will get the Tag on That MAX Package you three ink colors, ten blank templates and your very own template maker.

[Images via Kickstarter]