Motorcyclists are somewhat at a disadvantage over motorists when it comes to navigation systems and voice command controls. Motorists have at their disposal high-tech dashboards, whilst poor motorcyclists have to settle for checking a map in the rain! Or do they?

The team at LiveMap are hoping to find funding for a project that would produce a helmet containing built-in navigation and augmented reality, available to all. This is similar to Google Glass, only in helmet form.

LiveMap Augmented reality motorcycle helmet

Indiegogo, a crowdfunding site, are already listing such a helmet. It has the financial backing and support from the Moscow Department of Science, as well as other Russian organizations but LiveMap wants additional funding to get it out to consumers.

The design is similar to F-35 fighter jet helmets. It has a colourful, translucent picture that projects onto the visor, but leaves the motorcyclists view clear and unobstructed.

LiveMap Motorcycle Helmet

The focus is clearly on safety, as users will not be able to watch videos or play games. The helmet has a microphone for voice control and a digital compass which tracks head movement. In the event of any problems, the command “help” will alert the local authorities.

LiveMap want to start shipping the helmet in August 2014. Any devices purchased in June will cost $1,500, with the price rising to $2,000 afterwards.

If you have a spare $100 lying around, then you can donate to the fund and try on one of the helmets at the LiveMap promo party coming up in the future.

[Images via LiveMap]