A survey was carried out in order to determine the satisfaction level among Windows users. More specifically, the survey was conducted in order to determine whether users were more satisfied with Windows 7 as opposed to Windows 8. This survey is called the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), and was carried out by Michigan’s Ross School of Business. According to the results released, Windows 8 scored 74, and Windows 7 scored a 78.

Assessing the performances of two different versions of Windows can’t really be done in a short period, and even a year is not enough. This is why the two versions will be compared again in next year’s survey.

User Satisfaction Lower For Windows 8 than Windows 7

Decline in Market Demand for Personal Computers

Personal Computers are not doing well in general, and their slump in sales is said to be due to the higher sales of smart phones and tablets. To get an idea of how PC sales have dwindled, it is worth observing that shipments have been on the decline for four quarters consecutively. The drop in the first quarter of 2013 amounts to 14%, which is very high.

According to analysts, research into businesses indicates satisfaction with basic functions of Windows 8 but not with its touch screen ability. Some individuals within the industry believe that Microsoft has made a few errors such as their approach to introducing the touch screen. While arguing from this angle, one must also acknowledge that users were also handed the option of switching back to the classic UI.

Microsoft’s OS Issues

Another point highlighted as a weakness is the absence of an OS switch from the existing one. According to other recent research, 60% of businesses said that they had no real reason to move over to Windows 8.

One reason for not being able to use the touch screen feature in Windows8 and therefore abandoning the program is because most users don’t have touch-enabled computers. As a result, many users flip back and forth between the interfaces. Microsoft’s next challenge when it releases Windows 8.1 is to reduce the idea of switching back and forth, and also providing heightened familiarity that enables users to return to the Start button.

Competing Products Cut Windows Popularity

The ACSI also considered other reasons for the drop in interest in Windows 8. It was found that customers display an increasing amount of satisfaction with Samsung Electronics’ smart phones as well as Google’s Motorola devices. At the same time, there was a dip in satisfaction for Apple’s iPhones.

While iPhone popularity dropped 2.4 percent, it still is atop with 81 points. Samsung went up 7 percent to reach a score of 76, while Motorola climbed 5.5 percent to reach 77. Coming to wireless carriers, Verizon Wireless replaced Sprint Nextel as the customers’ choice for carriers. However, the difference in their scores was just 2 points (Verizon Wireless – 73 & Sprint Nextel – 71). Sprint had previously retained the number 1 spot for around 2 years.

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