Man is a social animal, and it seems that sharing every aspect of our lives is becoming more and more the norm. With apps and platforms coming together like never before, sharing is but a click or two away. And driving slash navigating is not exempt from that. Only last month, map-navigating app Waze was in the spotlight due to the fact that it seemed to have caught the interest of the likes of Facebook and Google.

Waze Makes Finding Facebook Event Venues Easier

With the recent update, version 3.7, Waze has become even more social. On top of the fact that you can connect Waze to your other social sharing networks, there is now a deeper integration with Facebook. If you think that this is a sign that the map app is leaning toward a Facebook acquisition, no one would blame you. However, AllThingsD has reported that talks between the two companies have fallen apart. What this integration probably means, then, is that Waze is showing Zuckerberg what he is missing!

In any case, the new version makes it easier for users to get to events – even if they have never been to the venue before. By connecting to Facebook, Waze pulls data from Facebook Events. As is normally the case, Event creators indicate the address. Waze uses this information to direct you to where you are supposed to go.

Now, what if there is no address indicated? Other users may input the information, so that everyone who has responded to the Event can find their way.

Waze Facebook Events

Take note, however, that the directions will only appear for Events that you have RSVPed to.

Another interesting thing about the latest Waze update is that you can pull info on the location and timing of your friends who have responded to the Facebook Event. This is perfect for those who do not want to be too early (or too late, perhaps) to a party. Or, you can use it to catch those who are known for saying “I’m almost there” when they haven’t even left the house!

Be forewarned, though: there have been reports of the app crashing because of this feature. Waze does say, however, that it is releasing an update soon.

[Images via Apple Insider & berryza]