June may mean weddings for many couples, but for Apple fanboys and fangirls enthusiasts and critics alike, this June marks the huge conference that sold out its tickets faster than the San Antonio Spurs swept the rug under the NBA championship dreams of the Memphis Grizzlies. The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is slated to happen from June 10-14 in San Francisco (only a week to go!), and as is the norm, speculation and expectations are all over the place.


What can we, realistically, expect from this year’s WWDC?

As is usual with Apple, its events, and product announcements, we often run on steam. Sure, the hope that the guys at Cupertino will hand us something revolutionary (or resolutionary, as the case may be) to drool over and spend money on is the thing that keeps our attention. However, tech pundits are already dishing out words of caution such as “lower your expectations“!

Don’t hold your breath for the iTV and iWatch

iWatch concept WWDC

Sensible consumers and tech readers would have already told themselves this long before today. However, in case you’re still hoping that  the WWDC will somehow be host to miracles, with the iTV and iWatch being announced, please spare yourself the disappointment. If every other expert “predictor” is wrong, though, and Apple does do the unexpected in this regard, then you can gloat over us all.

How about new iPhones, iPads, and iPods?

I won’t deny it – I am not-so-patiently anticipating the next generation iPad Mini. It’s unrealistic to expect unveilings of these products during the WWDC though. For one, iPhones and iPads are so magical that they usually have their own event. They deserve nothing less. As for the iPod, you didn’t miss that quiet release of the new iPod Touch without a camera last week, did you?

It’s all about software, not really hardware

You may be like me and be dense when it comes to hints, but let’s give it a try. What does WWDC stand for?  The event is for developers. That being said, you can hold your breath for iOS 7 – we all are anyway. Lots of talk has been made about flat design, and I’ve been afraid of not liking this huge change, but knowing that Jony Ive is a crucial part of this redesign makes it more than exciting. Then there’s OS X.

Sure, we might not have much to look forward to in terms of hardware, but isn’t iOS 7 enough to keep up busy while we wait?

[Images via Apple and jailbreakiosx]