At the end of 2012, estimates pointed to about 6.8 billion mobile subscribers worldwide. That’s about 96 percent of the world’s population! If you’re having difficulty wrapping your head around that number, it is worth noting that “mobile subscribers” refer to the SIM cards being used, and not the number of people using a mobile device. Still, that figure is more than enough to highlight the role that mobile devices continue to play in our society today. And, by the way, of those 6.8 billion, only 1.6 billion are from developed countries. Go figure!

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Having blown you away with those figures, there is no debate as to how much people rely on mobile devices for communication. There is the “good old” SMS, of course, but what cannot be ignored these days are mobile messaging apps like WhatsApp. Indeed, the company just recently announced that they have hit a whopping 27 billion messages in one single day.

WhatsAppIf you find the details of the tweet rather unclear – due to the inbound and outbound notes – just look at the bottom line: 27 billion. That’s nothing but a clear indication that WhatsApp is taking over mobile messaging, if it hasn’t already.

The premise of WhatsApp – and other mobile messaging apps – is so simple: you get to send messages (text, photo, videos, etc.) to your contacts who are using the app as well. The beauty of WhatsApp is that it is cross-platform – heck, even some Nokia Ashas have the app installed! – and has unlimited use if you’re on data. Depending on your country and your mobile phone service provider, WhatsApp can save you a lot on text messaging charges.

While I am not the biggest texter in the world, I have to admit that WhatsApp has taken over a significant portion of my messaging routine. How about you? Have you contributed to the new record WhatsApp just made? If not, what mobile messaging app do you prefer?

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