Late last month, Apple quietly released a new model of the iPod Touch. While that did not go unnoticed – of course! – there wasn’t any fanfare to speak of. Rather un-Apple like, don’t you think? Go back to the previous release of the iPod Touch. Unveiled in September last year, there definitely was a lot of hype, as one normally expects from new Apple products. At the end of May 2013, though, the iPod Touch got a much welcome upgrade: a Retina screen.

Why The New Retina iPod Touch Is A Brilliant Move For Apple

The usual suspects made Jane and Joe average aware of the fact that a new Retina iPod Touch was available – after all, not everyone checks the Apple Store on a regular basis.

What’s new, or what’s not?

The short of it: the new Retina iPod Touch has (aside from the resolutionary display) no rear camera and loop attachment. It’s available in 16GB, as opposed to the 32GB and 64GB options for the previous model.

Also, this new model is available only in black and silver (that’s one two-toned color scheme). Additionally, the price point is rather nice at “only” $229. That is a sweet deal!

retina ipod touch


If you dig deeper, though, as popular site ifixit did, it seems that the insides of the new Retina iPod Touch are nothing to get excited about. These guys know what they’re about, and their findings show that the logic board is basically the same as with the previous model, with the exception of the flash memory. In short, the Retina iPod Touch is pretty much a stripped down version of the 5th generation devices.

Why is it brilliant for Apple?

It all boils down to the pricing. At a little over $200, the device is definitely more attractive – and that with a screen so crisp that every other mobile device (unless it has a Retina screen as well) just pales in comparison. Sure, it does not have an upgraded board. Sure, it does not even have a rear-facing camera, but most people who purchase an iPod Touch has a smartphone with a decent camera anyway. Brilliant in a way that more people would probably consider buying the iPod Touch, especially if the iPhone is out of one’s league.

[Images via Apple and ifixit]