Yesterday was Canada Day, with Canadians and friends celebrating the world over. While some may have their fun at the expense of the nice people of Canada, there is another reason to celebrate for its citizens: starting this summer, Kickstarter is going to open up its doors to projects based in Canada.

Canada Kickstarter

There are no specific details regarding the launch, but if you visit the Canada Kickstarter page, you can sign up for updates so that you’ll be one of the first to know when things actually get going. You simply have to enter your email address and choose a category – presumably for a potential project that you would like to launch when Canada Kickstarter gets in first gear.

Kickstarter has received more than a fair amount of success with awesome products, but it has also has had its mishaps, the seduction guide project in particular. The platform has certainly helped a lot of entrepreneurs, although it has also been on the receiving end of satirical endeavors. If you have not heard of Kickstopper yet, then you have to see this video – if only for laughs.

Parody notwithstanding, Kickstarter is not alone in its niche. With competitors such as Indiegogo providing support for projects based in countries outside of the US – Canada included – it was only a matter of time till Kickstarter opened its doors to more countries. If you remember, it was only last year that the crowdfunding platform opened its doors to UK-based projects.

With this move, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear more innovative products coming out of Canada. There are already Canadian entrepreneurs using the platform, but they have had to do make some moves to make sure that their project is qualified. With Canada Kickstarter in the making, funding issues should soon be a problem of the past.

Any Canadians out there? Get your projects ready!