What if you could turn virtually anything you own into a flying object? Luckily for you, somebody has already thought of this and came up with a solution.

The Drone-It-Yourself (get it?) kit, from Dutch designer Jasper van Loenen, allows you to turn almost any object into a drone.  The only condition is that the object you want to make fly is more or less flat, light and balanced enough to take off.

Drone-It-Yourself Kit Makes Objects Fly

The kit is easy to use and does not require any special technical knowledge to work. It consists of motors, clamps and a controller and all of the parts were 3D printed in ABS.

The control unit is equipped with a Bluetooth module, a receiver, four electronic speed controls and an OpenPilot flight controller.

To make any object fly, you just have to attach the motors to the clamps and the clamps to the object in question, along with the control unit.

Drone-It-Yourself is not available for purchase as a kit, but anybody with access to a 3D printer can print the necessary parts, since the inventor has made his blueprints and lists of parts available online for free download.

Moreover, van Loenen says on his website that more advanced users are welcome to alter the original designs and make their own custom parts, clamps or other add-ons, to suit their specific needs.


What do you think of this DIY kit? What objects are you looking forward to making fly, if you had access to all the parts?

The Drone-It-Yourself can be seen in action in the video below, which showcases how the kit turns several things, including a bike wheel, a computer keyboard, a book and a phone, into airborne objects.

DIY (Drone It Yourself) v1.0 from Jasper van Loenen on Vimeo.

[Image via 3D printing model blog & Engadget]