For the younger generation, the news that the PCWorld print edition has been killed might not really mean much. After all, how many “kids” these days actually hold print magazines and books (not to mention newspapers) in their hands on a regular basis? Heck, even the older generation probably rarely go out to visit the magazine stands of old. So yeah, it has finally happened, the PCWorld print edition is, well, going out of print.


From the PC World photo vault: Bill Gates MS-DOS 2.0 with then PC World editor Andrew Fluegelman

PCWorld has been in print for a little more than 30 years now, and with the times a changin’, the publishers have finally decided to go full digital on us. Nostalgic old sod that I am, I can’t help but feel a twinge of sadness over the news, in spite of me not having seen even a shadow of the print magazine in years.

Based on a report published by Folio, the current issue of PCWorld print edition will be its last. Starting August, anyone who wants to get their hands on the content that the iconic tech magazine published will have to go online. If you are one of the 339k+ subscribers of the print magazine, you will have to register online to continue having access to PCWorld.

Goodbye PCWorld Print Edition

What prompted this move? Bob Carrigan, CEO of IDG Communications (publisher of the magazine) says:

“Both technology users and marketers have led the way in the shift from print to online and our decision to end 30 years of PCWorld print publications reflects their preferences. PCWorld colleagues in the U.S. will now focus on innovative digital-first editions featuring interactive multimedia presented in high resolution.”

It is rather obvious, and if you think about it, the surprise is that they didn’t make this decision earlier on. Then again, I am wondering why they had to do it in the middle of the year…

For those interested in subscribing to the “new” PCWorld, the digital version will be available for iOS and Android. Kindle Fire included.

[Image via Techland & Aecqatar]