Sony have announced, from 09:00 on July 2nd, that they have started distributing the Gran Turismo 6 playable demo free via PlayStation Store; but you hard core racing drivers had better hurry as the game is only available until July 30th (for the qualifying GT Academy event, the demo is available until July 28th)!


Gran Turismo 6 is due for release in the fourth quarter of this year (expect a December release).This demo is expected to be only for the truly qualified racing enthusiasts as the circuits will be full of GT fans across participating countries (currently Europe and North America).  The demo proves to have some really nice features with goals such as: setting the fastest lap time at the Silverstone Circuit and competing at a national final event for a chance to attend a race camp at Silverstone, UK.

The Gran Turismo series of racing games have always rated extremely high in most players’ portfolios, as the sheer scope of the games are massive and all the fresh features and clean user interface have a super polished feel.  The gameplay is second to none in offline mode and when connected to play other gamers around the globe, the experience is heightened exponentially.

Previous GT Academy winners (Jordan Tresson, Lucas Ordoñez, Wolfgang Reip and Jann Mardenborough) have gone on to race at some of the world’s finest tracks. The winner from race camp will ultimately train in a driver development programme and could have the potential to earn a chance to qualify as a Nissan racing driver!  The first 2008 GT Academy champion Lucas Ordóñez, takes the role of mentor in this demo.  So go on, what are you waiting for?  Take a sneak peek into the future world of Gran Turismo 6!