Earlier this year, Kim Dotcom made it back to the spotlight, thanks to his new venture, Mega. We all know about Megaupload, and how it has “helped” people all over the world in various ways – many of which were deemed illegal, hence the takedown of the popular site. That setback did not keep Kim Dotcom down for long, though, as evidenced by his Mega move. And if Mega still stepped (steps) on many toes, it looks like the file sharing mogul can’t be stopped. July 4th was the day Americans celebrated their freedom, and Kim Dotcom had something to say about that, too – he announced a Mega Android app.

Kim Dotcom

If you are a Mega user, you can now make life even easier by going to the Google Play store and downloading the Mega Android app, which is totally free. In case you’re not a user yet, and you’re not sure what the fuss about Mega is, here are the essential details: 50GB of storage. Secure. FREE. That’s all you really need to know.

The Mega Android app is merely an interface to the main service, so that you can do whatever you do via your phone. From the product description, this is what you can expect from the app:

  • Browse your MEGA storage account
  • Fast upload and download files from your Android device
  • Camera Sync, upload your photos and videos to MEGA automatically
  • Search for files within your MEGA account
  • Create public link to files in your MEGA account
  • Download
  • Delete files
  • Rename files
  • Move files
  • Create folders

Those features do make it more convenient to use Mega, and if you’re feeling left out because you’re not an Android user, take heart. They say they’re working on the iOS app and Windows sync client, which are already in the final stage.

Whatever your stand on Kim Dotcom and his activities may be, I think it’s hard to ignore the fact that this app will only contribute to the popularity of Mega.

[Image via Mega Blog]