Companies promote their new devices and products but no one it seems is as keen as Larry Page. We know that Page likes to show off Google Glass by wearing it at every opportunity but he has reached a new level as according to reports, he wore a pair on Friday, whilst carrying out the role of groomsman at a wedding!

The Daily Mail newspaper has revealed pictures of Page wearing the Google Glass device, taken in Croatia, at the wedding of his brother-in-law.

Larry Page Wears Google Glass To A Wedding

Maybe we could excuse him showing off the device at the reception, whilst people mingle and partake of the celebrations but in the pictures he is clearly wearing the glasses whilst walking down the aisle!

According to the Mail, Page was actually messing with the device during the ceremony, perhaps turning the camera on and off or starting a recording.

Of course this could just be a fantastic publicity stunt; it wouldn’t be the first. But one cannot help but wonder how the bride and groom felt about this. If it had been my wedding day, I would have been ready to hit him with my bouqet.

No doubt there will be some footage on YouTube very soon. Maybe it will start a trend and we will start seeing whole wedding parties wearing them. It would be a change from the usual hats and flowers don’t you think?

[Image via dailymail]