What if you never had to worry about spilling your coffee and totally ruining your brand new outfit you bought with some hard-earned loads of cash? Or that you’d spill some red wine on your favorite couch and leave a big ugly stain there for all eternity?

With NeverWet, from Ross Nanotechnology and Rust-Oleum, you really will not have to worry about these things anymore, as this amazing spray kit can waterproof virtually anything and everything you own.

NeverWet Waterproofs Almost Any Surface


How does it work?

The NeverWet kit consists of two spray cans: one of them creates a base coat and the other a top coat. It’s an easy process that only requires the user to apply the two sprays, waiting a little to allow the coating to get dry and then, your sprayed objects will be completely water-repellant.

The product is designed to be used on various surfaces and fabrics and it actually creates a superhydrophobic barrier on them, which will repel water and other liquids.

Unlike with most waterproofing substances, which only prevent the liquid from permeating the surface, the NeverWet actually forms beads that roll off the waterproofed surface. This is due to the fact that the silicon-based coating creates a 165 degree contact angle when applied, which creates what is known as the Lotus effect.

Rust-Oleum has released several marketing videos showing how NeverWet interacts with multiple surfaces. The videos show how a pair of sneakers and shirt treated with the product repel chocolate spread or how a cardboard box turns into a do-it-yourself ice box after being sprayed.

Manufacturers say they have tested the NeverWet with almost any surface and against many different kinds of liquid and the product always worked. Apparently it works best on wood, metal, aluminum, concrete and most types of plastic.

And although the videos show how NeverWet works to waterproof a shirt and even an iPhone, developers advise against using the product on clothes and electronics for the time being.

The NeverWet kit is available at the Home Depot for $20. What do you think of this awesome product, would you give it a try?

[Image via caribguerra]