Opera 15 Chromium is officially launched as of 2nd July.  While the non-final build of Opera’s new browser for PC and Mac was simply called “Next,” the company have now chosen the more fitting title of “Opera 15” for its official release.

There aren’t any features of note that we hadn’t seen in the desktop preview of the WebKit-based software, but, for information purposes we note that it sports a Discover feature for catching up on the latest news with a fresh design, and a tweaked Speed Dial menu for quick access to your favourite websites on the internet.


Also, the web-clipping Stash feature, predictive address/search bar, a new download manager and “Off-Road mode” for extra compression with bad connections, are all now included in the finalised version.  However, we need to point out a few clear and evident flaws with this new offering.  The Opera Link synchronisation support has not been included yet and the Opera Mail client is not an installed feature any longer and must be downloaded separately.  The browser now is not very customisable at all, e.g. there is no personalisation of the toolbar buttons?  You are not able to widen the bar to show page thumbnails and you are not able to move the tab strip.

The browser has been tested by SunSpider benchmark on the Mac build of Opera 15 Chromium, in which it scored 167ms, in comparison with Google Chrome which came in with 171ms. If you are not happy with your current choice of web browser, whether it be Internet explorer, Safari, Google Chrome or some other browser, then why not give Opera 15 a try and see if it’s ok to roll with for a while?

[Image via: fayerwayer]

SOURCE: http://www.engadget.com/2013/07/02/opera-15-launch/?utm_medium=feed