Are you a game developer wanting to get some funding? Have you been wracking your brains to no avail? Well, OUYA and Kickstarter may have something to help you out. Of course, the premise is that the game you are developing is going to be on OUYA. This month, the group behind the gaming console announced that it has set aside $1 million to help developers who launch their projects on Kickstarter.


We cannot overlook the fact that OUYA started on the same crowdfunding platform and that is has achieved quite some success. While the Android-powered gaming console may not be number 1 on the wish lists of gamers (kids and adults alike), it surely has been received well. (There will be disagreement, of course.)

So, what about this attention-grabbing $1 million?

OUYA launched a campaign called Free the Games Fund, the goal of which is to give game developers a boost. The idea is simple. If you have a game you want to create, you need to launch a Kickstarter campaign first. Then, you have to hook up with OUYA and let them – and the world – know that you are joining the Free the Games Fund. You can do this by emailing
Naturally, you also have to agree to the TOC and stuff like that.

Once your Kickstarter campaign is launched, do all that you can to promote it and reach your target, because that is required in order for you to get OUYA’s money financial support. Additionally, the minimum funding required is $50,000.

What’s the catch?

Well, you have to agree to be exclusive on OUYA for at least SIX MONTHS, with the timer starting the day you launch on the platform. If you have no problem with this, then OUYA will match your Kickstarter funding up to $250,000. Given that, there will be at least four games that will benefit from the program.

So, got an awesome game in mind? Not bothered with having to stick with OUYA exclusively for at least half a year? Go for it!

[Image via OUYA]