Okay, we all know by now that Sony’s PlayStation 4 is likely to be a very big hit and probably outsell Microsoft’s Xbox One, but there’s no need to rub it in.

Sony doesn’t seem to have any intention of halting its “charm offensive”:  the new gaming platform’s architect, Mark Cerny, recently said the upcoming PS4 has the potential to significantly alter the landscape of gaming. So how’s that for raising the bar?

PS4 architect Mark Cerny says the next system can alter the landscape of gaming.

The PlayStation 4 will be released this holiday season and is already a few points ahead of its main contender, the Xbox One from Microsoft. Sony’s gaming system gained more popularity due to its $100 lower price tag and lack of restrictions on used games. And even if Microsoft gave up its controversial DRM policies, the price difference still makes the PS4 the more popular contender.

And if that isn’t enough, the PS4 is now touted to mark a renaissance of gaming, according to Cerny. The new system’s lead architect also insisted that the console has the potential to have the highest variety of content and richness of material.

Cerny talked about the flexibility of the new console and insisted that the next-generation system can give game developers and Sony more customization than a PC. He underlined that the PS4 will have an architecture that will be more accessible to independent game developers and make it easier for them to develop and self-publish their titles.

Sony has already announced an impressive line-up of independently developed games for the new console, along with policies aimed at helping independent developers publish and promote their own titles, as part of the company’s declared intention to focus more on consumers and developers.

On their end, Microsoft officials say the Xbox One is the future of gaming and entertainment and will allow users to switch between experiences in a unique way, making the new system the best place to play games for many years to come. After backtracking on its DRM policies, the company has seen a marked increase in sales for its new consoles.

It remains to be seen how the Microsoft-Sony competition will play out after gaming fans actually get the opportunity to try the two consoles for themselves. Both will feature at the GameStop Expo on August 28 in Las Vegas. Before that however, the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One will be playable at Comic-Con in San Diego this weekend.

The Xbox One will be released in November. Sony has yet to specify an exact date for the PlayStation 4 launch, but gave assurances that it will definitely happen before Christmas.

PS4 architect Mark Cerny says the next system can alter the landscape of gaming.

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