The Recon Jet resembles the Google Glass mounted on a pair of polarised sunglasses.  Recon have made similar products before (Recon’s Android ski goggles).  This time the company is back with an new design for the summer sportsman.

The product is called the Recon Jet, at a cost of $500, the apparatus resembles something like Google Glass except instead of the screen sitting above the wearers line of sight, it sits slightly below.  The whole kit is mounted on a pair of sporty looking polarised sunglasses.  The hardware interfaces with your iPhone or Android handset to use a variety of phone functions and apps (calls, text messages, weather, navigation, social media etc) while relaying your speed, distance travelled, elevation and more.


You can also link the Jet to wearable fitness gadgets to keep track of things like your heart rate; though Recon has not made the list of such compatible devices available just yet.  The Recon Jet also features a built-in camera for recording video and snapping photos. Everything is controlled via a touch-sensitive pad on the right-hand side of the glasses, which Recon says can be manipulated even if you are wearing gloves.  And like the Recon ski goggles, you can upload all your stats and share them with other Recon users online.

The battery life is promised to be between four and six hours and the battery can be swapped out with another one if you do not have time to wait for it to recharge.  The whole system weighs just over two ounces.

Recon is marketing the Jet toward endurance athletes such as cyclists, triathletes and runners.  The cost of the system initially will be $500 for the Pilot Edition until July 21st this year, after which it will cost you $600.  Even if you purchase a pair today you will have to wait approximately five months before you can receive your goodies, by which time it will be winter again and you’ll need to get out your Recon ski goggles!

[Image via: Popularairsoft]