Portable solar generators are quite common nowadays, but most systems ignore the fact that for maximum output, they always need to face the right way.

While sun tracking features are available for larger industrial or home installations, most portable systems do not have this capability. And this is where the SunSocket comes in.

SunSocket Portable Solar Generator Can Track the Sun

Developed by Colorado-based Aspect Solar, the SunSocket Solar Generator is portable, lightweight and simple, consisting only of a solar panel and a battery and having the impressive ability of automatically tracking the sun.

Besides the battery and the panels, the portable generator is also equipped with a 100 Watt inverter with a universal plug, USB plugs, a 12 volt plug, a battery charging port and a charge meter.

Everything is housed by a metal box that weighs 25 lbs. The solar panels are high efficiency 60 Watt mono-crystalline, paired with a 20Ah lithium iron phosphate battery model. Aspect Solar said the battery can last for years when not in use, as it only discharges up to 2% per month.

On the inside there is also an expanding solar panel that can be slid into a 44.8 inches wide panel. After being turned on, the panel automatically begins to track the sun, which allows it to fully charge the 250Wh battery in as little as five hours.

And when it is positioned in good sunlight, the SunSocket portable solar generator is able to charge small devices such as phones or tablets for an unlimited time. With no sun, the generator’s fully charged battery offers up to 25 hours of charge time for this type of devices. For higher loads of 100W, for instance, the system can run for only 4.2 hours with battery and panels in full swing.

Overall, the SunSocket is a pretty impressive system for a portable solar generator, offering increased output and efficiency. One drawback is the fact that it is not weatherproof and Aspect Solar advise that the system should be used only in dry weather.

Check out the video below to find out more about the SunSocket. This portable solar generator retails for $1,499.

[Image via redferret]