‘I know what your’e thinking, did I make six calls or only five?’

So it has come down to this.  People cannot be bothered to wait for a gun licence anymore and are just buying one of these instead.

The clever minds at Shenzhen, China’s Sunsky Ltd., “Wholesalers from China“, have designed a case for the iPhone which has a pistol like look to it.  In fact I’d go on to say it is a pistol (minus the firearm side of things).  For a mere $9.62 you can take one of these home and there’s no waiting for your firearm licence either!


And if you have 99 friends who might also be happy to walk round with a fake revolver in their pocket or if you want to make a splash at your next local gun show, you can buy a case of 100 on sale for only $943.  Perhaps you don’t like the silver grey colour it comes in? that’s not a problem for your gun enthusiasts at Shenzhen! this item is also available in Black, Golden and  Rose Gold.  But should you not be of the type who would feel comfortable with even a fake gun in your pocket or purse those clever minds at China’s Sunsky Ltd have other crazy products to offer as well.  Maybe a knife will take your fancy instead?  Then check out the Knife Handle Style Plating Skinning Plastic Shell for iPhone 5.

Maybe you are concerned about your judgement at closing time? There’s an iPhone Alcohol Tester just waiting advise you on your sobriety.  Or do you simply want to befuddle your friends with an inscrutable iPhone accessory? Check out the Happy Elephant Special Lens & Filter Turret with Plastic Case for iPhone 5?  I wonder if Dirty Harry would have had the same impact with an iPhone rather than a .44 Magnum?

[Image via: diytrade]

SOURCE: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2013/06/29/iphone_handgun_case/