Viber, the Mobile messaging and VoIP service provider, has introduced a new ‘doodle’ feature to its Android application, which allows users to graffiti over photos or create drawings from scratch.

The recent update comes close to three months after Viber increased its Skype-rivaling credentials by rolling out video-calling apps for Windows and Mac. With clever marketing to coincide with that launch, Viber also in version 3.1 for Android, Viber is creating a fun side by letting users create more personalized messages, while planting false facial hair all over photos of their friends.  Explaining matters, Talmon Marco, CEO of Viber said “Viber is a feature-rich platform that gives our users multiple ways to communicate freely…We are constantly working to expand and enhance that functionality to give users complete freedom over the way they communicate…We think the new doodle feature will not only prove to be incredibly fun for Viber users, but will also make Viber that much more useful as a communications tool.”

Viber Adds Doodle Feature to Android App


The new version for Android also has a new feature which lets users see when a message have been viewed by the recipient (read receipt) as well as a number of other performance updates.  With over 200 million users, Viber has emerged as a major player in the mobile VoIP communications field and with the company recently introducing a desktop versions also, this will only strengthen its standing. As for doodling on your hanset, well, this rich feature will no doubt prove popular among some of the 200 million users.  If drawing-themed messaging apps float your boat, you are in for a treat. Viber 3.1 for Android is available to download now from Google Play, and the iOS version will grace the App Store in the next few weeks.

[Image via kootation]