VLC has long been one of the most reliable video players for people all over the world. Whether you are a Mac lover or a PC loyalist, when it comes to VLC, there just seems to be a meeting point where users agree that it is one of the best pieces of software to use. It just works, and no matter what platform you prefer, there is a version for that.

VLC for iOS

Enter VLC for iOS.

It’s not really the first time that we can experience VLC for iOS, but the app was pulled out from the App Store back in January of 2011. The reason for this move was actually upon request from VideoLAN, the brains behind VLC. This was due to the fact that there were conflicts between the GPL license and App Store rules. (Surprise, surprise!)

A couple years down the road, the powers that be have finally resolved their issues, and we are welcoming back VLC for iOS.

VLC for iOS

What’s new?

For one, the re-worked VLC for iOS is fast. Much faster. Members of the “I want it now” generation will certainly appreciate this fact.

Perhaps a more interesting thing is that the iOS app can play practically anything that the desktop version plays. Now that’s a handy thing! No more having to convert files just so you can watch them on the go.

Other release notes:

  • Dropbox integration, navigation and VoiceOver
  • UI bugs on iOS5
  • CSS issues on the Wifi Upload page
  • Subtitles for Greek, Cyrillic and Vietnamese

No doubt that iOS users will only benefit from having VLC available once again, or, at the very least, avoid feeling those jealous pangs as they see their Android counterparts enjoy hassle-free video-viewing on their devices.

VLC for iOS is available on the App Store for free, and works for both the iPhone and the iPad.

[Images via Mashable and iTunes]