For all the fuss about which next-generation console is better, both Xbox One & PS4 are actually selling like hot cakes.

Last week Amazon ran out of launch bundles for both gaming systems and yesterday it was reported that pre-order numbers are already double those of previous generation consoles.

According to the CEO of games publisher Ubisoft, Yves Guillemot, some retailers are reporting Xbox One and PlayStation 4 pre-order numbers that are double those of predecessors Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Guillemot did not name the retailers in question, but said they were all receiving more orders than before.


Both next-generation consoles are currently sold out at Best Buy and GameStop, while Amazon ran out of day-one editions last week.  Amazon announced that standard editions were still available for pre-order, but without a clear delivery date. It is yet unclear whether the stock for both consoles’ launch editions will be replenished.

PS4 beating Xbox One?

But even if both consoles are selling so well, it seems PlayStation 4 still has the edge, at least according to Amazon’s best sellers chart.

The PS4 Standard Edition was still in the top 5 best sold products in the video game category on Friday, while the same edition of the Xbox One is nowhere in sight in the top 20 category, although it is available for pre-order.

It remains to be seen if this ranking will hold for long, but what’s certain is that the PlayStation 4 has been a more popular choice with gamers so far. Gaming industry analysts say the more affordable price tag, its technical specs and the overall more favorable publicity since launch have gone a long way to helping Sony’s new console secure a solid lead.

Both Xbox One & PS4 will launch this holidays season. Microsoft will release the new console in 21 countries in November, for a retail price of $499 in North America. Sony has not officially revealed a launch date, but the new PlayStation will retail for $399.

Have you already pre-ordered you next-generation console? Which one did you get and why? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via extremetech]