Technology moves and progresses at a fast pace and it is no different for 3D printers. However, when you have spent $2,000 and more on a quality consumer printer, the last thing you want is to have to replace it with the new model after just a year. At the same time, no one wants to watch everyone else over take them with newer technology.

Type A Machines

The company Type A Machines plans to help with this problem by launching a 3D printer that makes it easier to keep up with the technology. The new Series 1 Pro printer will be highly modifiable or “accessible source” as Type A Machines like to call it. It will be possible to swap in upgraded parts, keeping the printer up to date with the latest advances.

“The tech curve is just insane right now,” CEO Espen Sivertsen said. “Every week there is something new out. Six months from now, the tech’s going to look totally different. But all you have to do is (take out) two screws and then you can attach a (new) print head. We guarantee our customers they will always be able to hack and modify.”

The company is able to achieve this because its printers are modular. Since starting in 2012, Type A Machines have shipped 350 of its Series A printers. They have become well known for their reliability and large build volume. The new printer will continue to deliver on those characteristics but the distinctive plywood frame will be replaced with an aluminium one.

“We’re a team of 15 people. Most of them are on assembly,” Sivertsen said. “Our hiring policy has been to get overqualified people. Everyone here is an engineer, a graduate of architecture. If you look at why people are here, it’s because we believe in the company, what we’re doing. What connects us all is this idea of building great things. We’re trying to build a great printer, but what that printer does is let people build great things.”

[Image via gigaom]