How often have been so uncomfortable on a long flight because of a chatty seatmate? Or maybe there’s a fussy child on board. Then again, even the general buzz inside the cabin of a plane can be a disturbance to some people. If you don’t fly that often, or only for short periods, then it might not be an issue. For frequent fliers, especially on long haul flights, then sleep deprivation is certainly one big consideration.

Airsleep iPhone App for Frequent Fliers

Enter Airsleep.

As the name implies, it is an app that helps people fall asleep when flying. Airsleep is an iPhone app that basically gives you a variety of ambient sounds which are supposed to drown out noises in your surrounding, working on the assumption that you can fall asleep when this is achieved.

That is not a novel idea, as any sleep/self-help expert will tell you that ambient sounds do help in putting your mind and body into sleep mode. The thing with Airsleep is that you have to make sure you download the sounds before you get on the plane. The sounds range from the sound of rain to the sounds you hear at the beach. Some are free, while others are, surprise, surprise, in-app purchases!


The app itself is free to download here, and I like the idea of having something like this to help you sleep. If you have sleep issues, you don’t even have to be on a plane to use Airsleep, yes?

However, what I am not sure of is how much of an advantage Airsleep has over other apps that operate on a similar concept. The developers claim that they have a “patented combination of natural sounds, ambient music and slow-wave (sleep-frequency) audio, AIRSLEEP works on your conscious and sub-conscious mind, forcing your brain to relax whether it wants to or not!”

Not one hundred percent convinced here, but the app has gotten my curiosity enough that I am using it tonight.

[Images via air-sleep]