Remember the days when Apple Maps bashing was the flavor of the month? Images of just how bad Apple Maps were cropping up left and right, although there were some who fought for Apple’s honor. Those days are long gone, and while I admit that Google Maps (and Waze) are still my go-to map slash navigation apps, Apple Maps have gone a long way since it was first launched.

And Apple’s not done with this sector yet.

Apple Buys Another Map App - What's Up With That?

Just last week, news about Apple buying another map app made the rounds, with every armchair pundit giving his opinion; and can you blame them? After all, Apple Maps is one product the tech icon can certainly make improvements on.

The latest acquisition is Embark Inc., a startup based in Silicon Valley. Sure, there is no shortage of map apps and other related software out there. The remarkable thing about Embark – and its being snapped up by Apple – is the fact that the startup focuses on transit apps that help users navigate public transportation.

More than simply giving you directions via car or on foot, Embark integrates existing public transportation options. That’s certainly useful as not everyone prefers to travel by car.

As can be expected, Apple has not officially commented on the specific direction they are taking with the acquisition of another map app, but I suppose that we do not have to be rocket scientists to see that they are on the road to beefing up Apple Maps, do we?

We’ve known Apple to be perfectionists, and while they may have slipped up big time with the initial release of Apple Maps, I really would not be surprised if we were to be treated to some mind-blowing map app in the next iOS iteration or two. Dave Smith of International Business Times says the same, even eyeing iOS 8 as the version which will be offering the biggest boost to Apple Maps.

So, who among you use Apple Maps right now?

[Image via techspot]