Asus has told the Wall Street Journal that it will no longer make Windows RT tablets with ARM chips due to it taking a loss on the Windows RT devices in the last quarter.

The company has said that it will build full Windows 8 devices using Intel processors instead. Asus joins other companies like Samsung, Toshiba, HTC and Nokia in curtailing efforts.

Asus Vivotab RT

Although Asus was originally one of the operating system’s main supporters, the announcement is not a huge surprise. For some unknown reason the Windows RT devices do not offer all the same features as Windows 8. Intel’s Atom chips manage to run full Windows 8 just as well if not better than the ARM alternative, and so Windows RT devices have comes down in price alot due to big discounts.

At the Computex Taipei event, not one Windows RT tablet was announced.

Microsoft are determined not be to put off though. Although it took a $900 million hit on the Surface RT slate, the company is producing another Surface with an Nvidia chip inside. Microsoft have said, “Windows remains committed to the ARM platform.”

[Image via dailytech]