Baby monitors are designed to help parents keep their babies safe and provide peace of mind. However, it seems that nothing is safe in this world. It has been reported that a hacker was able to gain access to a baby monitor and verbally attack the sleeping child.

The parents, who are from Houston, told ABC news that earlier this month the monitor they use was hacked. Once the hacker had gained control of the device, he proceeded to shout obscenities at their two year old daughter who was sleeping at the time. He then shouted at the parents as they unplugged the monitor.

Baby Monitor Hacked in Latest Cyber Attack


The baby monitor was connected to the family’s Wi-Fi network. It is not clear which company made the hacked monitor, although it has been noted that the video on the story includes an image of the Foscam F19821P.

This particular device comes with a default username and password that are both “admin”. If not changed, it could be possible for someone who knows how, to gain access to such a device. However, it has not been confirmed that this is the make of baby monitor that was hacked.

We will update you with any further developments.

[Image via carbonated]