The latest smartphone from the company ZTE, will run the new Firefox operating system. It will be the first mobile manufacturer to run this operating system in the UK and US markets.

ZTE have chosen to sell the handset named ZTE Open, exclusively through the e-commerce site eBay and it will not be locked to a specific mobile network provider.

ZTE Open handset

A spokesman for the Chinese manufacturer said the target market for the Open was first-time smartphone users. It features a 3.5in screen, 3.2-megapixel camera and is powered by a 1GHz processor.

It runs applications written in the web-based HTML5 language rather than a specific company-owned platform. Telecoms analyst Jan Dawson from Ovum said that selling the phone on eBay, “is an admission by ZTE that most carriers around the world are not yet ready to sell Firefox OS devices”.

“Being different isn’t enough,” he added, especially when the market is already dominated by Google, Apple and Windows.

The ZTE Open, which is already available in Spain, Columbia and Venezuela, will be on sale “soon” in the UK and US.

[Image via ZTE]