Recently we reported on the tragic death of a woman in China who, her family claim, was electrocuted by an iPhone charger.

It seems the questions over whether mobile phones present a possible danger will continue to be asked, especially after new claims from a Mr. Du of Hong Kong.

He claims that his Samsung Galaxy S4 exploded and caught fire in his hands. Mr Du had apparently been playing the game Love Machine when the handset caught fire. He then tossed the phone onto his flammable sofa.

Samsung Galaxy S4

He said that the split-second decision cost him his house, as well as damaging his mercedes.

Of course a few factors surrounding this story do make it a little dubious. For example, it was originally reported on by Xianguo. Then there is a question mark over why Mr. Du and his wife were unable to douse the flames that engulfed the sofa before the whole apartment set alight.

Yet there are enough similar stories to maybe give the story some credibility. Samsung Hong Kong have said it will analyze chemicals from the scene of the fire to check if any of them could have come from their factory.

Hong Kong Resident Says Exploding Galaxy S4 Burned His House Down

Last year, an iPhone began smoking on a plane in Australia and an investigation showed the incident was caused by a misplaced screw in the battery cavity. The phone had been repaired by an unauthorized service provider.

It could be in this case too, that a rogue part or repair are to blame for the Galaxy S4 exploding, but Mr Du insists that his phone and charger were both original Samsung products.

Although his apartment and Mercedes were damaged, thankfully Mr. Du and his wife suffered no injuries from the fire.

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