Are you a big fan of camping but can’t really stay away from your Facebook account or playing with your favorite gadgets for long? This solar tent might be exactly what you need to feed your tech crave.

The Katabatic solar tent offers all the comfort you need in the wild and most importantly, enough power to charge your precious gadgets.

Katabatic Solar Tent Powers Your Gadgets in the Wild

Developed by Goal Zero in collaboration with Eddie Bauer, the Katabatic tent is rather light and comfortable to carry, at only eight pounds. It has about 36 square feet of space inside and stands 92 inches tall.

The solar tent can be powered by a Yeti Solar Generator or a Sherpa 50 battery pack. The Sherpa pack has a 50Wh battery and should be more than enough to keep all your gadgets charged.

But if you are looking for more power, then definitely go for the Yeti, as this generator can store an amazing 1250Wh or 110 AC power. With this generator, you will be able to power up various small home appliances, if you want to bring more of your home’s comfort along when camping.

So how does this work? The solar panel ready tent has built in wiring that can be connected to either the battery pack or directly to the device you want to power. The power gathered from the roof is transferred to the inside of the tent through the wiring and can be either stored in the battery or used to charge your gadget directly, via a USB connection.

The Katabatic solar tent is also designed to be all-weather and stronger than other tents and its wall fabric is especially built for water condensation control. The tent was named winner of the 2012 Gear of the Year Award by National Geographic.

The tent and battery pack together are a bit pricey, but they’re a good investment for camping fans who want to stay plugged and have access to a constant power source to charge their phones and cameras or to listen to music while enjoying the amazing scenery.

Katabatic retails for $600 and the Sherpa battery pack for $200, bringing the total cost to $800. Are you a fan of camping? If you are, what do you think of this solar powered tent, would you buy it?

[Image via hiconsumption]