The smartwatch from Omate has reached its crowdfunded target and raised more than $100,000   so the company is set to put it into production.

The Omate Truesmart is different from any other smartwatch that is already on the market because it can be fitted with a micro-Sim card that makes use of its 3G chip.

Omate Truesmart Smartwatch

This enables the smartwatch to make voice calls and send social media messages without the need of a smartphone or tablet to pair with.

The South Korean firm has confirmed that it is working on this piece of technology and patents have been filed for possible designs.

Other features that we can expect to see form the Truesmart include Google’s Android 4.2.2 operating system, allowing it to run apps like fitness activity trackers. There will be a 1.5in touchscreen, GPS location support and 4 GB of internal storage that can be boosted to up to 32GB with the microSD card.

The device will be water-resistant so can be worn when swimming, although not diving. It can also be operated using gesture controls.

Nick Yap, one of the company’s co-founders said, “We already have working prototypes, but not the final design. Most of the functions are there but we still need to add voice and gesture controls.

“There will be a swipe-based touch function and another when you move, like Nintendo’s Wii games control. For example you will be able to flick your wrist to show the clock.”

It is hoped that the first watches will reach customers in October at a price of $299. Although there is not a definite date to unveil the Truesmart, the next event for the company is at Berlin’s Ifa consumer tech show in two weeks time, so maybe we will get a glimpse at the latest smartwatch.

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