Minimalism seems to be the in thing these days, and apps certainly are not exempt from the trend. If you’re an Android user, and you want a music player that showcases minimalism at its most beautiful, we have something for you: Tunester. The app was released very recently, and it is already gaining some traction.

Tunester is the Music Player for Minimalistic Android Users

Tunester is a gesture-based music player that is, well, simple. It looks very clean, as can be expected from an app that plays heavily on the minimalistic trend.

Tunester Screenshot


Aside from its flat design, Tunester highlights ease of use. In fact, its makers tout it as the “world’s easiest music player”. Features include (according to the developers, that is):

  • the fastest music player out there
  • easier to use than the iPod
  • first app ever with the revolutionary ‘dynamic list interface’
  • all your music in a single screen
  • single hand control, no matter how large the screen!
  • get to every song in just 1-2 clicks! (This is the interesting part.)
  • finally no more back button 🙂
  • shuffle
  • completely gesture controlled
  • miniplayer always at your fingertips
  • full screen album art

While that list does get one’s attention, there are also some drawbacks to Tunester. For one, you cannot create playlists – which really sucks in my opinion. Additionally, you cannot browse your collection – not by genre, not by song, not even by album. Correct me if I’m wrong, but being able to browse using those parameters are rather essential in enjoying a music player!

They’ve certainly stripped down Tunester, making it as minimalistic as possible, but I think that in the process, they’ve also left out some basic functions that most music enthusiasts will miss. Here’s how it works.

Still, it is worth a try. Plus, we should remember that it is the first version, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the missing functions find their way into the music player in the future. You can get Tunester here.

[Images via Google Play