Is it just me, or is the hype surrounding Google Glass dying down? Perhaps there just isn’t much more to talk about, with the launch date still quite far off. Still, the fact that other “glass-type” devices are cropping up provides justification to the idea that wearable tech is indeed in the near future.

Google Glass

Now, if you are a car enthusiast as well, you’ll like this piece of news: Mercedes is testing Google Glass integration!

How cool is that? Assuming you drive a Merc, or that you can afford to buy one, then you will be excited about the idea of having Google Glass integrated with your car.

Wired recently reported that the classic automaker has been playing around with Google Glass and how it can be integrated in their cars. While it may seem to be sci-fi stuff, it apparently works!

Mercedes has always been keen on innovation, and this Google Glass integration is merely part of its high-tech programme. According to the same article mentioned above, the system is called “Door-to-Door Navigation”, and there exists a functioning prototype!

What exactly can it do?

There is a navigation program – intuitively so – which allows you to input an address in Google Glass. You do need to plug in your phone so that the in-dash navigation system can display directions to your destination, though. It’s still in the very early stages, so things are a little raw, but it does work.

Knowing the quality that Mercedes adheres to, it is only to be expected that when they do complete Google Glass integration, drivers just might not want to have any other experience.

Of course, a lot of things depend on Google as well, such as compatibility with various platforms. There is still a lot of work to be done, details to be dealt with, but this development certainly shows just how much wearable tech will be part of our lives. Maybe as early as next year.

[Image via Wired]