Recently we announced that  Google have said it will be the company that provides WiFi connectivity to Starbucks customers across the coffee chain’s 7,000 locations in the USA.  Almost coinciding with this, those wonderful coffee people have taken the next step towards being a technology friendly place to drink, eat, relax and work, after it has announced plans to expand its wireless charging tables for smartphones.

Wireless Charging

Starbucks has announced that it will be expanding the number of stores which will come with wireless charging tables in a partnership with Duracell Powermat.

This comes after a successful trial run in Boston, the upshot of which, is the coffee house has decided to expand by making 10 more locations in the Silicon Valley area wireless charging compatible.  The tables will come with a built-in Duracell Powermat  and are compatible with Duracell’s own wireless charging cases or with Android smartphones that come sporting the PMA standard.  Unfortunately as this is a new venture, the Starbucks company have yet to announce any plans to bring the technology to their coffee houses in the UK however with more and more feature phones such as the Nokia Lumia 925 supporting wireless charging via own-brand accessories.  Over in the United States however, wireless charging is moving forward as a potential industry standard feature for the future and this makes sense as more and more our lives seem to be governed by the ever increasing use of mobile technology, whether this be telecoms devices or wearable technology.

With AT&T already confirming that many of their flagship smartphones will come with this technology as standard by 2014 suggesting that BlackBerry, Samsung and HTC could well be launching wireless charging-enabled smartphones in the coming months and years.

[Image via intomobile]