Instagram has revealed it now has more than 150 million people visiting its site every month and that more than 60 percent of users are from outside the United States.

It seems that in view of such results, Facebook are ready to to see a return on its investment after acquiring Instagram in 2012. Instagram’s new chief operating officer expects that the site will start to sell ads within a year.

Facebook and Instagram

“We want to make money in the long term, but we don’t have any short-term pressure,” White told The Wall Street Journal.

The challenge for Instagram is to introduce marketing to the site without putting off the growing user base.

An analyst from Pivotal Research Group told the Journal, “Theoretically, [Instagram] could be making hundreds of millions of dollars today, but they would need a big sales force and they would risk polluting the environment”.

Last December, the company upset its user base by announcing changes to its terms of service, which could have let the maker of the app sell users’ images for ads. As a result of the outrage it reverted to original terms. No doubt it will be keen to avoid a repeat of this and instead find a way to introduce marketing, whilst keeping users happy.

[Image via Spreading Jam]