The Internet is the wild, wild west, though there are many pockets of civilization to be found. There is no doubt that anonymity plays the largest role in this thriving wilderness, and those who may want to let their hair down in secret can do so in a variety of ways and degrees. For people like me who still fall under the rather old fashioned, nostalgic category, things like Bang With Friends is just plain uninteresting. Even the name is enough to turn some people off.

It was thus not a surprise that the Facebook app was immediately surrounded with controversy, leading to its eventual disappearance. Of course, that kind of obstacle is not enough to stop enterprising individuals. As a matter of fact, Bang With Friends is back, and this time, it is on the Apple App Store!

Bang With Friends is Back

We know that they already tried that route, with the result being Apple booting the app out. As I said, enterprising people are not easily deterred, and the guys behind the app even more so. As we said goodbye to August, Bang With Friends came back to the App Store, this time with a different name: DOWN. (As in: “I’m down”?)

The official line, it seems is this: “Discover friends who are interested in you.”


It’s anonymous, and people will only find out who’s interested in whom if both parties express interest. Basically the same idea behind the original app.

The main difference: the app makers censored their own creation so as to appease the powers that be.

The most noticeable thing: the word “bang” has been stricken out everywhere.

Seriously, though, who are we kidding here? It’s the same thing. Sure, it may be a simple evolution of how people meet, get together, and perhaps form relationships; the [insert appropriate word here; depends on your perspective] in me says it’s all an excuse to have “fun” with impunity. Thanks, but no thanks. I’m not down.

[Images via DOWN & weblogit]