News has surfaced that supplies of the iPhone 5s are considerably lower than past releases. Carriers and Apple stores alike have both reported that there will be fewer phones available than usual.

iPhone 5s

AllThingsD has reported that its sources at carrier level have expressed concerns over phones supplies, with one even going as far to say , “We will have grotesquely unavailable inventory.”

According to another report, 70-80 percent of iPhones in stock at Apple stores on Friday will be the iPhone 5C, whilst the silver and gold models of the 5S will be very difficult to come by.

The cause of this shortage has not been commented on officially but with Apple releasing two new handsets at once, as well as the impending release of iOS7, it’s not really surprising that there could be less iPhones to go around.

Another expantion could be that Apple is just saving the bulk of the iPhones for itself, getting more customers to go directly to them when the handset becomes unavailable through carriers, then maybe shoppers will be tempted into other purchases at the same time.

Whatever the reason, if you plan to get your hands on the iPhone 5s on Friday, then choose your queue carefully. Carriers could potentially have shorter lines but less stock, whereas Apple stores will have more stock but longer queues. It’s a tricky one!

[Image via digital trends]